Meeting Pot

MeetingPot is an application for mobiles. It makes business cards exchange easy during meetings (or before/after them). The card can be relative to profession, friends, association etc.

The starting point is to install the application on the mobiles. Then to define one or several business cards, with name, first name, position, email etc.

PROFESSIONAL MEETING - with your colleagues, you meet customers. As usual, you cannot expect that everybody has business cards for other. With MeetingPot, one of the people generate a meeting id, and write it on the blackboard. The others type it on their MeetingPost app on their mobiles. Everybody has the business cards of others, and it is also possible to take shared notes. After the meeting, any one can click on mail button, to get the meeting note and the business cards of the participants in text of as attachment to be included in the address book.

THEATRE SHOW OR SPORT EVENT OF THE SCHOOL - parents or friends are invited. On the wall, is written the meeting id. The participants can join the meeting, typing the meeting id on the MeetingPot app on their mobiles. The organisation can type notes to share info. Later, it can get the cards of the participants.


At any moment, you can ask for a report to be sent to your email, with the description of the business cards of participants, the notes, and the contact files in a format (csv, vcf) compatible with Apple Mail and Microsoft Outlook, for a direct integration.

MeetingPot is NOT intrusive in your personal information system.

  • You can use the agenda app you prefer, or none
  • You can accept participants even if you don't know them: e.g., an extra person in a pro meeting, friends of friends in a school theatre show
  • You can keep the meeting id, if you haven't yet install the app, and do it later in the day.
  • etc.

MeetingPot is available on AppleStore and Google Play.

*** For support about the application, send your mail to